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FFLGuard uses the economic and cooperative strength of Federal Firearms Licensed clients, all contributing their financial resources to the common good of the collective, under the guidance and advice of specialized lawyers, subject matter experts and other professionals, in a joint effort to not just meet, but exceed, legal compliance requirements through continuing education, diplomacy, relationship development and an overall commitment to perfection.*

*And if that collegial, professional and apolitical approach is met with resistance, then –and only then – FFLGuard will "…cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war...."


FFLGuard is a program for legal services created, maintained, and operated by a law firm, The Chiafullo Group, LLC. FFLGuard IS NOT INSURANCE OR PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES; FFLGuard IS ACTIVE REPRESENTATION PURSUANT TO AN ATTORNEY/CLIENT RELATIONSHIP.

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